Efferino Office

Opening hours Efferino Office 

Mondays: 17:30-18:30 
Tuesdays: 19:00-20:00 


From now on you can rent vacuum cleaners in our office.
Just come by during opening hours and bring a valid identity card 
and 10€ as deposit with.

We have our own office on the ground floor in house 23 (see village map).
There you can get the keys for the bicycle repair workshop, the piano room and the table tennis room during opening hours. You can also borrow various high quality tools there.
If you have any questions or suggestions about the Efferino office, please email us at buero@efferino.de

If you would like to borrow some tools, please bring your ID card with you.
Unfortunately, too often tools and keys are not returned in time.
We think this is a pity, because every tenant should have the same access to the items.
Therefore, we have no choice but to introduce reminder fees in order to minimize this problem.

Who for any reason can not return tools / keys in time,
please write us an email. We will surely find a solution. If you do not write to us, you will have to pay a reminder fee.
If someone is not willing to pay the reminder fee, he/she will be denied any further rental!!

The depositing of keys into the mailbox of  Efferino office is only possible with prior agreement with the office.


Tool and drilling machine:
Borrowing time: Until the next library opening time.
Fixed fee: drill 2,-€; tool 0,50 €.
Reminder fee: per missed open day 2.-€ per tool

Bicycle repair shop key:
Our bicycle repair shop is being renovated at the moment. We will reopen on 01.08.2023. Until then you can use the bike repair station in front of the Dormitory office.

Piano room key:

not available at the moment


Since the summer semester 2013 there is also a large kitchen in the Efferino office.
During semester the Efferino team organizes  “Soul Kitchen – cooking with passion” event there:

Sports field:  

There is a sports field in our village available for the inhabitants of the village. You can play basketball, football or volleyball there. You can pick up your key at our office during opening hours. 

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