Useful Adresses & Information

 Authorities: The authorities are located in the Bürgerhaus in Hürth-Hermülheim. (near the shopping centre Theresienhöhe).
Within the first week you have to register at the residents’ registration office:
Citizens’ office, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 40, 50354 Hürth, Germany
(Forms, opening hours and further information can be found here:

 Doctors, pharmacies, etc. in Hürth-Efferen and surroundings:

 Deutsche Post AG letterbox: 
A letterbox is located at the Efferen tram stop.

Bus & Train:
 The city bus line 712 departs 3 times per hour (01, 21, 41) from the bus stop Hahnenstraße (at the bakery).
and then via train station through Efferen to Hürth-Hermülheim (Theresienhöhe: shopping centre, post office, community centre, T-point).

 The Stadtbahn line 18 runs every ten minutes on weekdays during the day.
(direction Cologne: 08, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58; direction Bonn: 06, 16, 26, 36, 46, 56).
The exact timetables are available on the Internet.

 Efferino Team Showcases:
News and information can be found in the showcase of the Efferino Team.
One is at the entrance of the village, another in front of the Efferino.

  Village map: A map of the village can be found at the entrance of the village and between the houses.
Hahnenstr. 15 (Construction & Technology) and 27.
Of course there is also a village map on our website (village map).

  Shopping possibilities:
There are four supermarkets in Kaulardstraße:
Lidl, Netto, Rewe and a Turkish supermarket,
a dry cleaner, a pharmacy, three bakers, a branch of the Kreissparkasse,
a Volksbank and a Raiffeisenbank.
Tue and Fri morning is market at the corner Bachstraße/Esserstraße.
There is also an optician in Efferen, a tailor’s shop,
a craft shop, solariums and a bicycle shop.
(We have a well-equipped bicycle workshop in the student village,
Keys are available at the Efferino office during normal opening hours.
In Hürth-Hermülheim (Theresienhöhe) there is a large shopping centre (

The Catholic Church of St. Mary’s Nativity
is located at the corner of Kaulardstraße and Bachstraße,
the evangelical church of the Matthew parish right next to it
on Bodelschwingh Street.

On Frechener Straße, above Alt-Hürth,
there has been a mosque since 22 May 2004.

Synagogue community Cologne:
The Synagogue Community Cologne
is located at Roonstraße.50 in 50674 Cologne.

Waste glass (white, green, brown), waste paper (blue),
Packaging waste (yellow) and residual waste (black/red)
are collected in the respective containers and barrels,
spread all over the village.
Empties: Tuesdays bi-weekly yellow bin, Thursdays weekly black bin,
Fridays weekly blue ton.
Bulky waste can be deposited in the crate between Hahnenstr. 9 and 15.
Organic waste is collected in the car park behind the sports field.

A postal service agency in Efferen is located at Bachstraße 63.
Parcels and parcels can be handed in and collected there or at the parcel station directly at the entrance to the village.

Washing facilities:
Washing machines and dryers are located in the village:
Hahnenstr. 9
[for the inhabitants of]
Hahnenstr. 7a-h, 9

Hahnenstr. 17
[for the inhabitants of]
Hahnenstr. 17, 37, 41

Hahnenstr. 23
[for the inhabitants of]
Hahnenstr. 21a-e, 23, 33, 35

Hahnenstr. 27
[for the inhabitants of]
Hahnenstr. 27, 31a-f

Hahnenstr. 29
[for the inhabitants of]
Hahnenstr. 29

Hahnenstr. 19
[for the inhabitants of]
Hahnenstr. 19-1-5, 39, 41
Höninger way 40, 42, 44

  For washing you need to download the WeWash App.