Efferino Team

The Efferino team consists of 5 tutors and about 30 functionaries, all of whom are residents of the student village.
They voluntarily administer the common and functional rooms which are made available to the inhabitants of the village by the Cologne Student Union KSTW for leisure activities. They are always at the disposal of the residents in case of questions and problems and, if necessary, refer them to the right places.

Tutors Team

Petkova, Katerina

Administration of Efferino, Kapelle & Logistic

Niggemann, Hanna Maria

Public Relations & Staff

Khachouk, Rawan

Administration and Rental of Efferino

von Thaden, Christian

Administration of Efferino & Kapelle

Khachouk, Ward

Administration of Efferino & treasury keeper

The functionaries

List of functionaries who are supporting the tutors:

  • Boulila, Iskandar
  • Dohier, Mattar
  • Eskandari, Shaqayeq
  • Fuchs, Ines
  • Kaa, Jacob
  • Kralikova, Lenka
  • Kreuzberg, Lukas
  • Mohr, Richard
  • Pinto, Nelson Pereira
  • Rudskaia, Anastasiia
  • Roth, David
  • Santos, Amira
  • Schmid, Annika
  • Schöttes, Lennart
  • Tayyebi, Amir
  • Vinkova, Yoana
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